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There are plenty of small and easy steps you can take to prepare yourself to have a positive, more streamlined, stress-free morning. So all your sleepy brain has to do is wake up!

  1. Get in bed earlier. Finish that episode in bed! This will lessen the chances that you’ll still find yourself on the couch at 1am, claiming it’s your last episode of Insecure. So save yourself the morning stress and lay down 10 minutes earlier.
  2. Put everything you need in front of the door. So anything you need to grab is in a place and you’ll never miss it. Purse, umbrella, change of shoes, etc. Find that place in your home and make it your consistent go-to spot. Guarantee that you’ll never forget something again!
  3. Lay out your clothes. Even laying out your bra and underwear saves you a few seconds! Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes before bed to pick and iron your outfit for the day. Even down to the jewelry and shoes. Who wants to detangle a necklace at 6am?
  4. Prep a good breakfast. Lay everything out that you need for a solid breakfast. Just because it’s quick, doesn’t mean it can’t be filling and delicious!
  5. Decide your hairstyle and makeup routine. Believe it or not, making this decision the night before will save you so much time. If you have natural hair, you know that the morning can go any which way, depending on the mood your curls are in. And keep your makeup minimal, especially if you like the natural look. More makeup means more maintenance and stress throughout the day!
  6. Leave your phone charging overnight. You’ll never be caught with a low battery with this step. Even get yourself a car charger as a Plan B. And ladies, it just becomes a safety issue if you’re ever caught stranded with a flat tire or run out of gas.
  7. Make sure your car has gas! Save yourself the stress and fill up the night before!

Extra tips to make your morning even easier!

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. A trick is to think of the time it usually takes you to get ready, and tag on 15 min for traffic and/or bad weather, 5 min for walking from the parking lot, and 5 min for anything you might forget after you walk out of the house. Being prepared is one of the tricks to keeping yourself from letting morning mishaps ruin your progress.
  2. Don’t snooze that alarm! If you want a good start to set your day in a positive, stress-free direction, keeping these small promises to yourself is so necessary. *This is an essential morning routine tip!
  3. Listen to your favorite podcast or self-help book. Making a positive choice on the first thing you consume when you wake up is so important to setting the stage for your day. And for most of us, it starts with our phones. Choose something empowering that makes you feel confident to take on your day. Or even just to make you laugh!

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